Thursday, February 21, 2008
When it comes to broken dreams you'll get your share

Are you feelin' all right my friend? (esp. 1.11-27 and 2.51-3.23)

City of brotherly love, place I call home

The hurting's on me, yeah

It's -- how they say? -- 'semi-risque'

Geological Specimens, 2007-8
Monday, February 18, 2008

Vancouver, 2008

Sunbird, 2008

Today's soundtrack: The Joe McDuphrey Experience, Solar Waves
Sunday, February 17, 2008

First direct sunlight through the window, calendar 2008. Shot in low-rez, on the fly, today's window of opportunity being approximately 25 seconds or thereabouts. All the usual culprits visible: Fred the plant (at right, rescued from the garbage and nursed back to health by Mr. Michael Young); the plastic rats and baby rats (center-left); and the lovely windows of the old ballet academy across the street (reflected in the open door, far left). I don't pay much attention to the calendar seasons, but I do try to mark this day each year. A weird sense of accomplishment, having once again made it through the long rainy dark. If I could fix the date of my death, I'd choose a February afternoon like today: warm sunlight; earth-smells; tree-buds: a whole world of living things waking and continuing on.

Guy sporting plastic bags on his hands and a black eye wants to know "where the pretty girls are."

CJB: Just the words? Or should I hum it, too?

GUY: Naw, man. All the tender young pussy.

CJB: Excuse me?

GUY: Her! [Gesticulates at Robin Bougie's Cinemasewer launch poster (above)]

CJB: Out.

The internets make some strange requests of me:

Please Publish on Your Blog, If Appropriate

"Hudson, Massachusetts - Helen Oram, the owner and publisher of, is a winner in a contest co-sponsored by Woman's Day magazine and the American Libraries Association. The theme of the contest was 'How I started a business with the help of libraries,' and 4 winners were chosen from thousands of entries."

Big thanks to Helen for taking time from her busy day to send me this important, nay, earth-shattering news.

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