Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's 8:15pm and -10C at the bookstore. SNOWFALL WARNING ISSUED for Greater Vancouver. Probable 20+ cm. by dawn!

Things I'm greatful for:

• The egg tart and generous shot of cheap Canadian rye dropped off by Don King at 6:15pm, which promptly kicked my head cold into remission

• The couple who dropped in unexpectedly with little owl-faced Pomme the kitten

• My many artist friends and collaborators (ST, AH, ADZP, JT, SGB, EL, OK, MG, IP, AT, AM, RL, KM, JMcM, LM. Without whom, & etc.)

• The readership, past and present (brother Dru and Eryne, Jessie Caryl, John Latta, Michael Turner, Don English, KMAC, Peter Culley, Keith Freeman, Bruce Serafin)


Thanks, everyone. Merry Christmas, Pagan Winter Festival, whatever. Thank you. Thanks.

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