Friday, December 05, 2008
Flat grey overcast. Too warm for snow. Gaye's I Want You on the deck. String of fat red and blue Christmas lights -- old-school ones, paint over clear glass -- blinking in the window of the skate shop across Main Street. Cement truck rumbling at the light. Bare trees.

Empty storefronts along Broadway, some with butcher's paper hastily tacked up over the windows, like budget curtains. The upscale bistro next to me also closed. Shadows there of chairs upturned on tables, waiting, like patient companion animals, for the new owners.

Sidewalks deserted. The whole city strangely empty.

Lots of owner-operators sitting nervously in well-appointed 500 square foot spaces full of designer dresses and $9.00 handmade cards wondering, What the fuck just happened?

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