Saturday, October 04, 2008

Wet October grey, yellow leaves cast down in the gutters. Brisk west wind, ink-black clouds piled against the North Shore mountains. Waking in low light, the tattered beanstalks tap-tap-tapping on the apartment's windows like rain. The bus creaks and hisses across the bridge, through showers that remind me of sitting with K. on the bakery deck in Lund, B.C., watching squalls move in across the Salish Sea. "Black sheets of rain." (Bob Mould). The yellows and faded greens of tired earth, the patter of rain on salal. Recent keyword searches: mushroom poisoning; amanita toxicity; winter chanterelles Vancouver B.C. Like I'd ever tell! "I'd read your blog more often, but it's just so fucking cryptic." (A good friend, over beer). An attempt to set images down one after the other with no embarrassment or shame. An associational chain. "Dress: smart casual." (My high school 20-year reunion organizing committee's instructions). Black pants; grey turtleneck; grey climbing jacket; scuffed black leather "dress" shoes; floppy climbing hat. What you could call a "style." It's not fancy but it's mine.

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