Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I was Waiting For You
I was Standing Around
I was Getting Older
I was Going Down

sings Emily Haines.

Late night, air close, humidity amped-up by the high clouds rolling through.

"Power Steering Hose: $172.13. Labor: $172.00. Power Steering Fluid: $7.50. Chemicals, cleaners, rags, and miscellaneous items consumed in quantities too small to quantify: $5.16."

"While many people shift their interests over time, the shy, insecure man she had married seized on one obsession after another. From his childhood obsession of collecting license-plate numbers to reforming the jiggery-pokery of journalism, three roles invariably interested him. The first was the relentless collector, expanding his empire of money, people and influence. The second was the preacher, sprinkling idealism from the lectern. The third was the cop, foiling the bad guys.

The perfect business would allow him to do all of these at once: preach, play cop, and collect money to ring the cash register. . . ." (Alice Schroeder, The Snowball, p.380)

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