Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Squamish River Valley and Mount Garibaldi from "Randy Stoltman Memorial Bench," Sigurd Creek Trail, British Columbia.

Mountain hemlocks, upper Sigurd Creek Valley, British Columbia. Approx. 10' diameter at the base, and 75'+ tall.

Mountain hemlock snag, Sigurd Creek Valley, British Columbia. This 12' diameter tree is only about 40' tall, its crown having snapped off in a violent winter windstorm, but still very much alive. The tree has responded to its premature decapitation by throwing out numerous side branches, which surround it in a sizzling green cloud.

Views from the Sigurd Creek Trail, a mountaineer's route which climbs steeply through an unlogged old growth forest north of Squamish, B.C., leading into a long subalpine valley uninhabited by anyone but grizzly bears (2, at last count), black bears, cougars, deer, birds, wild columbines, mountain hemlocks, douglas firs, and other "local residents." About 1200m. of elevation gain and 20+ km. of hiking, scrambling, fallen tree walking, creek crossing, boulder field hopping, slide alder crossing, etc. A great day out, though probably not to everyone's taste.

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