Friday, May 18, 2007
If Someone Wanted to Publish My Blog Entries for Money, I Wouldn't Say No

"My blog is more of a hobby than anything else, something to do for fun when I get home from my bookstore job. I've never dreamed of making a living from it. Though hypothetically speaking, if The New Yorker—a publication that I'm sure pays top dollar—wanted to publish my August 9, 2005 post 'Creative Thinking Spots' in its 'Shouts And Murmurs' section, I'd consider it. Didn't cross my mind when I wrote that post, and that's certainly not why I wrote it, nor why I have a Google news alert set up for New Yorker editor David Remnick, but I can understand how someone on their staff might think the piece is a good fit for that section."

[Drawn to my attention by the staff and repeatedly forwarded by so-called "friends," even more often than Turtle Vs. Cat]

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