Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Q: What could be worse than missing the last ferry from Vancouver Island back to the mainland on Friday night?

A#1: A fruitless $65 cab ride from Victoria to Swartz Bay:

Q: Where's the boat?

A: See those [rapidly retreating] lights?


A: Hey, watch your language!

A#2: A 5km walk back down Highway 17 to the Sidney Travelodge. In the dark, in the gently pouring rain, headlights of big semis sweeping past over my head. Kids setting off fireworks from the comfort of the dugout at the local high school ballfield. Pweet.....bang! Showers of sparks. Striding along, rain picking up now, under overpasses and highway bridges. The headlights of oncoming cars.

A#3: [Repeatedly] throwing up at 3am.

A#4: Not realizing you've been flirted with until the moment you could do anything about it is long gone. Thanks, Sudafed!

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