Thursday, January 13, 2005

Out along Highway 7 to the Mount Woodside spring near Deroche. Curtains of snow across the valley in the Cheam Range and farther upstream near Hope. Broken sunlight through bare trees, each with an eagle in it hunting a takeout sushi lunch. And, on the way back, all six of John's blue plastic jugs filled and capped with rubber bands and Safeway bags, my first ever glimpse of this guy, lynx rufus, with his distinctive ear tufts, stumpy bobbed tail, and huge rabbit-like back feet, as he passed in front of us, scrambled down the bank to the road, and disappeared into the woods on the other side. A cat the size of a German shepherd.

The capped jugs sang all the way home, the sloshing water making their hollow necks vibrate. A kind of peeping chorus, as if the Incredible Talking Cats had all snuck into the backseat, or some really good German glitch band was cooking along behind CFMI's Jurassic Park set: Bowie, Trooper, Tom Cochrane, the Police, U2, zzz...

(Also a car full of books from Unidentified Secret Source, and a pair of black label Armani dress pants, for about 98% off retail. A terrific day out)

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