Friday, August 27, 2004

Back up and running as of 5 pm.

Images back too, at least theoretically.

Stay tuned!

Monday, August 23, 2004
Blue Screen of Death 1.2

"I think you fried the power supply," said Steve the super tech, poking around in the tower's innards.

Trip #1 to Atic: new fan ($34.95)

"That's kinda strange," said Steve. "Maybe you've got some bad RAM."

Trip #2 to Atic: new RAM ($: about double trip #1)

"Doesn't look good," said Steve. "I think the whole motherboard's gone. You backed up all your files, right?"

Trip #3 to Atic: new motherboard ($: approx. trip #2)


No Internet yet, and gibbled video drivers (the current wallpaper -- Frank Gerhry and his new hockey cup, like something filched from Bill Gibson's Gernsback Continuum -- currently extends sideways across half the screen), but Excel and MS Word are back in action. Windows XP, Internet, and my vast collection of downloaded tunes will probably return onFriday afternoon.

Till then, patience, & thanks.

(If you have sent me email, I probably haven't read it. Anyone needing to get in touch, call the shop)

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