Sunday, August 29, 2004
High season again here in antiquarian bookland. Every day brings fifteen to twenty-five hopeful pilgrims, bearing liquor store boxes, plastic totes, Ikea tubs, rolling carts, a U-Haul trailer, & etc...

Books We Didn't Buy

• The BC Health Guide

• Windows 95 user's manual

• Word 95 installation guide

• 300 Silhouette romances

• Advanced Colon Cleanser's Workbook

• Baby "board books" -- fat cardboard pages for little hands -- covered in bite marks

• An Irving Wallace novel, thickly furred with blue mold. Little cloud of spores exhaled as I picked it up and set it ever so quickly back down

• The wet, dog-eared books that failed to sell at someone's garage sale and were then apparently left out overnight in the driveway

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