Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Arlington, 2019

Peter Culley, 1958 - 2015

I miss Pete & Bruce & Robert every day. I don't think my work will ever remotely approach theirs -- my prose's plodding style is probably not salvageable in this lifetime & seems to lack some essential tonal flicker that's probably attributable to a/ deep introversion, and, b/ working-class English heritage -- but I hope that little bits of my pictures recall what, for me, remains most valuable in my friends' work: its realist orientation; its fierce criticism of late capitalism; and its openness to both high- and mass- cultural forms (Pete the most open of the three; I will be working through his recommendations of film & music & poetry for as long as I live).
Back to that little Mount Pleasant garden, which I now suppose counts as a "motif," like certain cactus species or mud volcanoes, something to return to in the absence of anything more pressing going on. No good picture(s) made.  Criticism: grid-like compositions that subjugate individual elements (a little apple tree; plastic pots; a wood trellis) to the decorative design of the picture plane; rote "tangles" that don't tug the images' deep space forward). Positive: small, graphic elements -- sticks; twigs; branches; rope -- that break flat areas of color behind them, eg., the lower left corner of this more successful picture from summer 2018).
Sunday, April 07, 2019

Two Houses, 2019

Tim Clapp, Reasons to Live Books & Records, Gibsons BC, 31 March 2019, 2019

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