Saturday, February 14, 2015
I'm just gonna do my best to hold on to that slinky thing.

Happy Valentine's, Valentine.
Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Relevant to my interests.

"Ankrom wanted his sign to be built to Caltrans’ exact specifications, which included designs able to be read by motorists traveling at high speeds. He copied the height and thickness of existing interstate shields, copied their exact typeface, and even sprayed his sign with a thin glaze overspray of gray house paint so that it wouldn’t look too new.

If he was successful, no one would know that the signs weren’t put up by Caltrans.

As a finishing touch, Ankrom signed his name on the back with a black marker, like a painter signing a canvas.

Then came the next phase of the project: the installation. Ankrom planned it with the precision of a bank heist. He cut his hair, bought some work clothes, a hard hat, and an orange vest. He even made a Caltrans contractor-esque decal for his truck."

$19,500 USD!!!

"1958 Fender P Bass - Anodized Pick Guard Fender Precision Bass Purchased in 1973 by Walter Becker of the Legendary Group Steely Dan and Used on Such Songs as 'Ricki Don't Lose That Number.' Comes with Documentation Detailing the Sale of the Bass to Walter Becker and Original Receipt From when Walter Becker Traded the Bass in 1991 to Maui Recorders for Studio Equipment. An Incredible Early Fender Bass and A Rare Piece of Rock n Roll History!"

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