Saturday, May 24, 2014


(Courtesy L.)

A camera pan along an old Ford Granada, parked along a suburban roadside...
Monday, May 19, 2014

Dear Ms. T. CAT,

Thank you for your recent interest in the Air and Space Collection at the Smithsonian. I am the curator assigned to answer your questions; so, in order,

1. Yes, that is the REAL Wright Flying Machine;

2. No, we never loan it out;

3. No, we don't loan out any of the Wright Flying Machines, including the 1906 one that crashed;

4. No, you cannot borrow Harriet Quimby's plum satin aviator's suit;

5. No, Harriet Quimby is not related to either Harriet the Spy or Ramona Quimby;

6. No, the glider models are not alarmed, but I remind you that 'borrowing', even inside the museum, is prohibited;

7. No, the glider models do not 'come with' the flying instructions and no, they are not for sale, even for 'one bijilion squillion dollars OR a lot of books';

8. It is a really bad idea to make any flight craft out of papier mache;

9. It is a bad idea to build wings, attach them to yourself and jump off something really high, including 'the GALLERY UPSTAIRS!!' which I suspect is the name of a local mountain. The middle ages saw a number of people attempting this. Most did not fare well;

10. For your interest in gallery security, I have referred your letter to Sgt. Smyth, who will get back to you;

11. Why, yes, I love Reuben sandwiches from Stan's and yes, I, of course have a pass to get into the Gallery at any hour.

Thank you for your interest in the Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian!


Dr. Tom Crouch
Sunday, May 18, 2014
"If you love something that somebody does—some art, some words, some sounds—you tell them that you love it. You tell everyone how much you love it, repeatedly and enthusiastically. Don't save your appreciation for later, or worry about wearing people out with your passion. Because the happy truth is this: If a piece of art truly moves you, you will never, ever run out of new adjectives to express how much you love it. Getting to love someone's art is one of the very finest parts of being alive."

An old favorite from high school, still aesthetically credible today, though it takes until the first chorus to really get rolling.

The trees and I are shaken by the same wind but whereas
The trees will lose their withered leaves
I just can't seem to let them loose
And they can't refresh me, those hot winds of the south
Oh I feel like an alien, a stranger in an alien place.

Maybe a little sonically overblown, but saved by the lyrics, Phil's enunciation, and the tasty drumming in the choruses (ie., 3:13-on).

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