Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hide n' seek FAIL.  (Kato Cat via L.)
Sunday, May 12, 2013

"Has another company ever come out with a high-concept, big-production 'brand ad' and then, just a few months later, turned around and utterly trashed it? I don’t think so. What we learn from this is not just that Zuckerberg is a bullshit artist who’s most insincere when he’s sounding most sincere — we already knew that — but that for Zuckerberg, and for Facebook, 'sincere' and 'insincere' are equally meaningless terms. Everything is bullshit. A chair levitating in a forest and a ballerina dancing on a dinner table are equally fake. They’re fabrications, as are the emotions that they conjure up in us. It’s all advertising."


"Every object, at least in our perception of it, carries its antithesis. Behind the plenitude symbolized by the vase we sense an emptiness: the wilted bouquet rotting in a landfill. And so it is with the tools of communication. When we look at them we sense not only the possibility of connection but also, as a shadow, the inevitability of loneliness. An empty mailbox. A sheet of postage stamps. A telephone in its cradle. The dial of a radio. The dark screen of a television in the corner of a room. A cell phone plugged into an outlet and recharging, like a patient in a hospital receiving a transfusion. The melancholy of communication devices is rarely mentioned, but it has always haunted our homes."

I had a Facebook account for a year or two, then, tired of cropping digital cotton for Marky-Mark, deactivated it.  Zuckerberg's contempt for users informs every decision Facebook makes -- nonstop revisions to the interface; dwindling privacy options; ever-increasing coercive exhortations to "share" -- and I'm never going back.

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