Saturday, February 11, 2012

Metropolitan (32), 2011

Metropolitan (40), 2012

Metropolitan (39), 2012
More Metropolitan

Some of the early Metropolitans are gone.  The Google Street View cars are rolling through Los Angeles faster than I ever expected, and images I selected even a few months ago have now been erased and/or overwritten.  I had hoped to keep the images "live" as long as possible, so that they could be zoomed, panned, etc. by anyone.  But it looks like the price of keeping them live is permanently losing some of them, and while I like the freedom to examine, and maybe even criticize, my framing decisions, I also like specific qualities of specific images -- light, figures, etc., and don't want to lose those things.  I wouldn't be a photographer if I didn't.  So the images that appear here from now on will do so in a slightly different format, thereby achieving the same semi-permanance as paper prints or backlit display boxes. 
Friday, February 10, 2012
And Speaking of Exhibition...

The Metropolitans are as much a part of my practice as my "autonomous" photographs.  My ideal exhibition would contain autonomous prints, appropriated prints, "location rephotography," backlit digital images, both appropriated and autonomous, and some new autonomous print works made with surplus Google Street View technology, which in spirit are about halfway between Scott McFarland's constructed multipart images and 19th-c. pinhole photographs.

New website for all of this stuff coming in due course.

Metropolitan (38), 2012

Some of these are going to be exhibited later on this year.  They exist in two formats -- framed laserjet prints, and backlit projections in off-the-rack "digital media frames" -- but each image has a preferred form; in other words, an image is either presented as a print or a backlit projection, but not in both forms.  Editions of 1 + 1AP, except for an as-yet unproduced fundraising edition of 10 paper prints.

Someone in NYC replicates a game that I enjoy playing with somewhat different material (what L. would call, only half-joking, "Another one of your 5 topics of conversation") in Vancouver, Los Angeles, and select overseas destinations.
Wednesday, February 08, 2012
Farewell Lloyd Dykk: critic, journalist, curmudgeon, aesthetic judger.  I never met Lloyd, but he wrote a few kind notes about Anodyne and some of the photographs that appear here from time to time.  He was also a prime example of a combative public intellectual at work in a forum that wasn't really equipped in any way whatsoever to deal with him. LD always put me in mind of that other LD, a fellow "yeller for society."  (Some more recent LD notes here, "guest columns" sprinkled throughout like muffin raisins).
Canon G10, check.  Google Street View rack mount, check.  Homemade software bridge, check.  Render engine, check.  Ladder, check.  Motif still unmolested, check.  Lawn chair, check.  Harsh bright winter sunlight?  Not today, evidently.
Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Relevant to my interests, and found totally by accident.  If the source image was a New York Times crossword, it'd be a Saturday puzzle.

Study for a photograph, 2012

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