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24266 National Trails Highway, Oro Grande, CA, 2016
Friday, April 08, 2016
"West Vancouver Mayor Michael Smith, musing (and I paraphrase) about what in hell could Park Royal have been smoking, promises to talk to mall management."

9-1-1:            Yeah, I’m right here, sir. I'm not the one …

HARVEY:     Yes.

9-1-1:            … who you need to ask questions though, I'm the one who's trying to figure out what, what assistance we can give you.

HARVEY:     Yeah 'W' should be, there should be a warrant out on 'W,' on George W. BUSH ’cause he's used tech on me for seven years, raped and tortured my mind. He's had tech used on me for seven years.

9-1-1:            Uh-hum.

HARVEY:     Um …

9-1-1:            Have you lived there for a long time, sir?

HARVEY:     Nope, I uh was brought to a trap. Is the king of Canada around, the king and queen, living? I been through it all, I've been stalked, you name it I could throw the book at a lotta people. I've talked to all the living. I'm the, I'm the son of the creator and I can prove it. Roger isn’t my real Father, he's a phony, he's, he's, he, he murdered me, mistreated me. Stuff has come up and downstairs, they've nipped me with needles, they've done all sorts of wrong to me, poisoned me--


"[6]             An officer was ultimately dispatched to the address given by the appellant. He arrived there at approximately 7:00 p.m. The appellant answered the door, dressed in a white linen suit and an American flag dress shirt. His hair was wet, and he appeared to have recently showered.

[7]             At the doorway to the apartment, the appellant engaged in a conversation with the officer similar to the one he had had with the 911 operator. While the appellant’s conversation was erratic, the officer did not consider there to be any safety or law enforcement concerns. He was about to leave, but decided to ask the appellant whether he wanted to tell him anything that he did not want his neighbours to hear. At that stage, the appellant invited the officer into the apartment.

[8]             Inside, the officer did not notice anything out of place; indeed, he described the apartment as 'spotless.' The appellant’s conversation continued in the same vein as at the door. At some point, however, he said 'I had to do it.' When the officer asked what he had had to do, the appellant replied: 'I had to do it. It was self‑defence.' The officer asked if there was anyone else in the apartment, and the appellant responded that his 'false dad' was there. When the officer again asked what the appellant had had to do, the appellant offered to show him. He then led the officer to a bedroom. Through the open door, the officer could see an elderly man with stab wounds lying on the ground, with a considerable amount of blood around him. The officer could not tell whether the man was dead or alive."


I swear the whole world could feel my heartbeat
Thursday, April 07, 2016
The Artistic Director of the Establishment is here, with his old, cold condescending side-eye.

Now he's on his phone, and my new favorite writer is giving him shit.  "Are you on a VIP call Hal?  Are we Skyping someone in?"
Saturday, April 02, 2016
"In a financial world driven largely by mathematical formulas and computers trading thousands of times a second, a young investor is searching for investments in the most old-fashioned way possible: by reading."
Friday, April 01, 2016

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