Saturday, January 04, 2020

"This field trip examines the geology and natural history of the Coast Ranges in the area of the Ventura, Ojai Valley, Santa Paula, Filmore, Piru and Castic Junction.  The program begins at the Channel Islands National Monument Visitor’s Center.

"Dr. Gregg Wilkerson is a Renaissance Man with interests in economic geology, mining history, antique vehicle restoration, ancient history, and yoga."
Thursday, January 02, 2020
Tar is the Star on the Miracle Mile
Monday, December 30, 2019

"A night in the city is nothing if its air is not vibrated by the beat of some promise—the promise of a new pleasure, a new happening, event, exchange, encounter. If you do not feel this promise 'to the core' of your being, then you are not standing in a big enough city.

The other thing: The type of walking Clegg describes in 'Fever' is only possible in the biggest cities on earth. Clegg deliberately walks with no sense of direction; he walks with no end in sight; he walks only to get lost. 'Walking by an old cafe,' he sings. Where is this place? What forces brought him to this unfamiliar neighborhood? What will he encounter in this lost part of the city? And you just don't get lost; you must know how to get lost.

The ability to lose your way correctly was designated by the German critic Walter Benjamin as the defining art of a big city person. 'Not to find one's way in a city may well be uninteresting and banal. It requires ignorance—nothing more.' he wrote in his memoir 'Berlin Chronicle.' 'But to lose oneself in a city—as one loses oneself in a forest—that calls for quite a different schooling.' Johnny Clegg has had this different type of schooling."

I’m not an actor, I can only play myself
Sunday, December 29, 2019
"Truffaut finds himself in 1977 as an older, but child-like man in his pursuit of the truth. Lacombe does not seem to be jaded by the times, perhaps because of some scientist code of filtering all outside information as possible solutions without prejudice or judgement. He sees the world through a child’s sense of curiosity and honesty..."

Is everything ready here on the dark side of the moon?  Play the five tones.
"The actions pointed to his political concerns, and attested as well to an art made with, from and, importantly, for the streets, with a relative paucity of means and the stimulation of public interaction at its heart." 

(Elena Filipovic, David Hammons: Bliz-aard Ball Sale)

Truffaut played a film director in La Nuit Américaine and an educator in L’Enfant Sauvage; here he is another specialist in “contact,” the world’s greatest expert on UFOs. We first see him arriving in the Sonora [sic] Desert in Mexico, in a sense “scouting locations.”

You are excellent in it, because you’re not quite real. There is more than a grain of eccentricity in this adventure. The author is a poet. In the South of France one would say he is a bit fada. He brings to mind the exact meaning of this word in Provence: the village fada is the one possessed by the fairies.

These fairies who reside with you have agreed to let themselves be briefly borrowed by the author of the film in question. 

Study for Celestial Annihilation, 2019-20

I felt like 5 notes would be much more like a HELLO. And 7 notes would suddenly sound like a melody. I didn’t want a melody. I wanted a greeting.

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