Saturday, December 15, 2018
Letter to My Dealer

Work continues apace.  Was in California in November, working on new pictures. 

There is probably another full exhibition's worth of bottle forest/cactus/desert geology photographs in both color and black and white, both in 12" x 12" and 13" x 18" sizes ready to go right now, though I haven't printed anything yet.

I am also attempting to get close to a very active geothermal field in southern California - mud volcanoes. some 6' high!  This involves wading through a river delta - quicksand; waist-high standing water; 8' high reeds and grasses; zillions of birds.  7 attempts now, & still haven't gotten closer than 500 feet, though I recently bought some special "mud snowshoes" that the 2 geologists who made it on site this year say you need.  Going back end of January or beginning of February, and hope to finally make it.  Part of the problem is that all the heavy camera gear has to go into drybags/dry cases, for when I sink up to my chest in water.

Back locally I am preparing to photograph a huge karst cave entrance on Vancouver Island, and to make a very large (for me) posed picture of a Vancouver art-jazz trio in a small downtown club: probably 4' x 6', framed larger.

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