Saturday, December 30, 2017

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Who the fuck forces a guy to play bop notes on an electric sitar?!! Who else would play 1967 instruments found on Doors and Beatles albums, pulsating to a Latin beat, with the chorus rife with chords more fit of hard bop and cool jazz artists. But yet the verses stutter step over only one chord!! E minor - like some weird Bavarian jazz Tomorrow Never Knows 

"Denny Dias’ hands until recently had been playing a Barney Kessel-styled jazzbo log, the sort of wood you could endanger a Tiger Stadium transformer with.

Dissatisfied with the setup, 'an offense to eyes and ears alike,' Becker and Fagen peeled off enough advance to outfit Denny with a Telecaster and Marshall half-stack aimed at teaching jazz slides to the previously unaware.

Before Denny could play with his new toys, though, Becker and Fagen decided to strap him to a Coral Electric Sitar...."

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