Saturday, February 04, 2017

Jack Shadbolt and Robert Linsley, by Brian Nation.
Friday, February 03, 2017

Multiple sources report: Robert Linsley, my friend, occasional adversary, gifted critic & painter, has been killed.

Via Robert's wife, Yvonne: "I have sad news. Robert died yesterday morning from being hit by a car while on his bike. We are devasted.

I hope you may help me to inform his friends in the art world. There were many and you probably know best who they are that would want to know.

The media mistook him for a '64-year-old cyclist.' The art world will know better."

Above, his Collage #7, 2016.  How I'd like to remember him.
Thursday, February 02, 2017


If you'd frame it
I left it burning on your wall



The Image of Time

"At a time when politics made the flow of time feel hectic, shooting in the park slowed me down, and using film slowed me down further. I was looking at foliage in green and an infinity of browns, as well as the fine shock of dazzling white after a blizzard, the silvery grays after rain. In contrast to my usual approach to photography — selecting single images from shooting done far away from home — the photos from Sunset Park made me more inclined to consider unspectacular images part of the work. That work continues. On any given day, I pick up a camera and a roll or two of film and walk to a small grove in a small park in Brooklyn. The grove is there waiting, and I am always grateful at the reunion."

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