Saturday, October 29, 2016
Poor Steve!
Poor Steve!
Thien grieves for Steve.
I do not, will not grieve for Steve.
There's no Steve grief in my Tweet feed.
"You stick around long enough and people reassess you." (Phil Collins)
Monday, October 24, 2016

Hauled all my gear to "666" in yesterday's wet grey light, only to discover its photogenic shed (above; still one of the hardest of the located locations) knocked down & replaced with a visually inferior fence & off-the-rack modern facsimile.  So this old Google screengrab is the closest I'll ever come to this particular diagonal composition.  "Still to come, bide your time."  (Warren Tallman)

Items found with John Berryman after his suicide

The folded poem in the photo reads:

I didn’t. And I didn’t. Sharp the Spanish blade
to gash my throat after I’d climbed across
the high railing of the bridge
to tilt out, with the knife in my right hand
to slash me knocked or fainting till I’d fall
unable to keep my skull down but fearless--


Tripwire #12: some folks engaged in ventriloquism, but still grateful for a few new glimpses of my friend.  Ferrari's revised acrostics; Nealon's brushed-up nap; Robertson's bibliographical exegesis of Hammertown; Smith's history; Mauer's warmth; Brown's tone.  But, funnily enough, it's Amy De'ath who reminds me most of Pete, an instantly recognizable voice that doesn't sound, or pretend to sound, like anyone but herself.

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