Wednesday, June 04, 2014
"Hey CJB,

That photo, Radius (2014), you posted on your blog: The building on the right is my old residence, Maybern Manor, 1617 Fir St. My apartment was at the back of the building. When I stepped out the back door I stood directly under the Granville overpass. A binner named Gary slept just outside the fence of my tiny yard. One day at Duthie's M. Varty put the mini fridge out in the alley to defrost. It wasn't there ten minutes when some binner scooped it up. I got home that evening and the mini fridge was in my yard with a note that said '$20? Let me know. Gary.'

Thanks for making me homesick for the shittiest walk-up in Kits."

(My pal & PFB alumnus Suzanne Hawkins, off tomorrow to the AGO, possibly to see Scott McFarland's ABC Photocolour, 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, 2011, a co-ordinate point for Radius).

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