Thursday, March 08, 2012

Metropolitan (52), 2012
Sunday, March 04, 2012
"I was thinking about Robert Adams’s images of the West, which are more contemporary landscapes. I like the high foreground and background that you get in the square and that you don’t get in the wide frame. I also thought the oval shape of the wagons and the bonnets look so great in the square. . . .[T]his whole thing now with all the TVs now being a rectangle, I’m not sold on it. I love a square. I mean, Anthony Mann used a square in Westerns. I think Yellow Sky is a square, the [William] Wellman film. But yes, it’s true that mostly you see widescreen. You have this landscape, and I guess you can try to get the vastness of a mountain range [with widescreen], but you can also get the depth of a mountain range with a square. And you can get your dry earth crawling right up to the edge of the frame. I mean, that stuff gets minimized in the rectangle."

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