Sunday, December 26, 2010

Metropolitan (18), 2010

SYNOPSIS:  Larry locks himself out of his car, and learns that the drive-thru window doesn't accept walk-ups.

Farewell kindred spirit Roy R. Neuberger:

"'My experience on Wall Street made it possible for me to be comfortable buying a lot of art at once,' he later wrote. 'In my investment firm, when we like a security after careful analysis, we buy a modest quantity. Sometimes after the purchase, we will find that we like it very much. If a large quantity of the stock then becomes available, and we are still enthusiastic about its value and its future, we will buy in quantity quickly, even though the day before we had no such plan and no knowledge that the stock would be available.'

'The same principle,' he added, 'applied to my purchase of [...] paintings. . . .'"

1.  "In the style of" two different bodies of work I respect.  In the same geographical location as one.

2.  A single shot.  Not a composite.

3.  A cast of characters.  A "family portrait."

4.  Lares.  "Little household gods."  My ghosts and stuffed cats.

5.  "Providing treatment for or attending to someone or something"

6.  Work without expectation of appreciation or reward.  But I'd like to think that that stooping, sweating guy knows that his inarticulate charges care, even those fuzzy little guys wiggling out of the lower left corner of the frame.

Overcast grey Sunday, light rain.  Low clouds along the North Shore mountains, jagged snowy gullies between black trees snaking up into the fog.  Did I mention I'm going away soon?  Cactus; billboard; cactus; cactus; federal prison (above).  Front door ajar, swish and hiss of traffic outside; Rick Ross fronting on the stereo.  Photo Know-How: The Art of Large Format Photography (Sinar, rev. ed., 1983) open on the desk in front of me.

Rainy late night return journey back along Marine Drive, the Subaru's heater going like mad. Strings of colored Xmas lights occasionally visible from the road.  Jack's two-part question, the one that has apparently haunted L. and I from childhood.  What do you believe about the world?  What are you currently doing to make it true?  The recognition -- via salmon spawning, "thickly," in Nelson Creek, c. 1945-50, and current Vancouver property values -- that a lower, more reduced standard of life is apparently de rigueur for my generation.  This is not a complaint -- hoping for a completely different set of circumstances is pointless, not to mention nostalgic and dumb -- but more the basis for get-out-and-do-something-about-it.

Walker Evans' concept of documentary style.  His recognition that a visual grammar is a rhetoric, a way of thinking.  Sherrie Levine's reinscription (not degradation, "deconstruction" or ironic dismissal) of photographs that mattered to her.  Sturtevant's repetitions.  That amazing Alex Prager photograph.

Remix: to alter a song for artistic purposes.

"Remixes should not be confused with edits, which usually involve shortening a final stereo master for marketing or broadcasting purposes. Another distinction should be made between a remix and a cover. A remix song recombines audio pieces from a recording to create an altered version of the song. A cover is a recording of a song that was previously recorded by someone else."

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