Saturday, February 13, 2010

ACT (Aesthetically Claimed Thing): Ken Lum, Monument for East Vancouver, 2010
Friday, February 12, 2010

Coca-Cola and the Royal Bank of Canada say, "It's a free Olympic party!" DANCE!!!!!

"The Olympics are yet another painful example of a public-private partnership gone awry. Taxpayers have been surreptitiously soaked by private developers who've created a real-deal budget-buster for the city. Were it not for an emergency infusion of taxpayer money to cover cost overruns, the Olympic Village would be half built. The closer we get to the Olympics, the more people agree [...] that 'The Olympics are a corporate franchise that you buy with public money.'"
Thursday, February 11, 2010


"I have read a lot of prospectuses over the years, but I cannot recall any as baffling as this 240-page document. The purchasers of the securities may be just as well off for not having read it. . . ."

Up Grouse with D. on a rare dry day, warm February sunlight through the trees. The silent city emerging below.

Today Show setting up in the lodge. Crossing a hastily-erected sound stage halfway between the coffee bar and the gondola. Lost tourons wandering outside, gawping at the visible lack of snow, Olympic athletes, Mukmuk, and massive cheering crowds. Magic curtain pulled right back: no "electricity," just an unhappy technician on a ladder, trying to wrestle a spotlight into position.

-Hey CJB. You might want to lose a layer.


Suddenly aware of walking in the middle of a little self-generated fogbank.

"Dave Vocadlo, Mike Buda and Dave Dexter on a cold November morning in the Chief parking lot psyching up for an aid ascent of Cannabis Wall. Dave is eating cold McDonalds hot cakes with a piton. Mike is thinking about sticking some duct tape to his pink lawn flamingo to bring it up the climb with him. Dave is reading the guidebook."

(via dru)
Wednesday, February 10, 2010

“Do not have Pepsi or Dairy Queen sponsor your event. Coke and McDonald’s are the Olympic sponsors. If you are planning a kids’ event and approaching sponsors, approach McDonald’s and not another well-known fast-food outlet.

If you have a speaker/guest who happens to work for Telus, ensure he/she is not wearing their Telus jacket as Bell is the official sponsor.

If you have rented sound equipment and it is not Panasonic or you can’t get Panasonic, cover the brand name with tape or a cloth.

If you are approaching businesses in your area for support and there is a Rona and Home Depot, go to Rona. If there’s only a Home Depot don’t approach them as Rona is the official sponsor."

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