Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just released today. Pencils by Paul Smith, a great favorite since my mid-teens. Inks by Terry Austin. Words -- lots of them, as usual -- by eternal X-scribe Chris Claremont. Smith draws really well; his spare, open compositions are totally unlike what passes for comics at the moment. His best work reminds me of Steve Ditko, c. the mid-1960s, in its unpreposessingness and good design. The same Claremont/Smith/Austin team also did X-Men Forever #6, also recommended. I'm not claiming that either issue is as good as Waiting For the Barbarians or Asterios Polyp, only noting in passing that they made me happy in small ways.
A black squirrel scales the big sunflower in the community garden downtown. The stalk sways under his weight and bends, gently depositing him ass-first on the ground.

He shakes himself and tries again. Same result.

WTF? thought-bubble clearly visible above him.

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