Friday, April 11, 2008

You think you got it all set up (esp. 1:08-28)

Possibly misremembered and misattributed Jack Spicer line:

"When I saw you in the morning my arms were full of paper."
Thursday, April 10, 2008

Unexpectedly hot light. Mounting cloud-tops. The funny visual consonance of the blossom-covered arms of the little ornamental cherry tree outside the front door and Grouse Mountain's snow-covered treetops, visible through the usual tangle of electrical wires/condo exoskeletons/gantries and cranes interposed between Main and Broadway and the North Shore.

To the barber. Buzz of the razor across my bald dome. Drifting, half-asleep, in the warm light. Clumps of hair landing on the wine-colored sheet puddled in my lap. Their silver threads. A razor-scrape across the back of my neck and upper shoulders. The whoosh of the vaccuum's scrubby brush. (Like most mammals, I would happily pay double for a brush/trim if it included fifteen minutes of the scrubby brush, or, even better, the coordinated application of the hair-dryer and the scrubby brush).

Neil Wedman's show installed without incident. Jessie Caryl's lucid pithy essay retrieved from the printer. Lighting tweaked, liquor collected, DJ gear assembled. Upcoming: a pure hour of downtime: Anodyne emails; no-limit ring; this video, which puts a lot of so-called "contemporary video art" to shame.

Something like happiness.

(Image: shamelessly pilfered from Pete)

An Excavation, 2008

An Ethos
by John Latta

Out under the “single gory punctum”
Of Venus and a Maxfield Parrish

Sky, tromping the spatter’d dropcloth of
Earth. The Cooper’s hawk kek-kek-

Kek in the oak canopy, hid.
The dog’s uneasy 4:30 a.m. pawing,

Distant ten-pin thunder, brief white
Room lightning, onrush and scurry of

Rain running up into position, biggest
Drops first. In an unending period

Of torn attention and shoddy goods
Slapped together out of perishables, a

Period of shot memory, the cake
Dunk’d in tepid coffee “with slightly

Sour cream” only to dissolve completely,
Any act of attending, the murtherous

Slow mechanical seeing of a thing
Bestuck in all its surround is

Consolatory, dunning of the age itself.
Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Some even say he might need some puh-psychiatrist

I hear you in the background whenever I phone

You've been dippin' around uptown with some fancy clown

Put your sister on the phone!

Like, Say, James Patterson or Nora Roberts

A book by RM Vaughan is worth two by, say, most anyone else.’ – Eye Weekly
Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Think Fast 2008

Walt and Don are playing Woodinville, WA on the 30th and 31st of July. Tix on sale April 14th. I'll be in the audience both nights; anyone who wants to carpool down and go book shopping in between should get in touch.

A Keyword Search By Which Someone Recently Arrived Here:

dom casual

Not quite, but not totally out-of-the-ballpark, either.

Neil Wedman, 8 April 2008, 2008

A New Westminster Tree, 2oo8

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