Saturday, February 25, 2006

Music for photographs:

Some situations seek redress
Some songs just go, "Testing, testing..."
I took a picture: I was sick of motion...
Off to SeaTac in the rain, cats in tow, to collect their co-owner. Back Monday. CSA's new show, coincidentally by the cats' co-owner, opens Friday, 3rd March, from 6-9pm. Y'all come!


To reestablish a close relationship between.

To settle or resolve.

To bring (oneself) to accept.

To make compatible or consistent.

[Middle English reconcilen, from Old French reconcilier, from Latin reconciliāre : re-, re- + conciliāre, to conciliate; see conciliate.]
Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Restorations, Tooth Coloured, Permanent Posteriors -- Bonded Permanent Bicuspids -- Two Surface

Your Total (Please Pay): $161.70
Monday, February 20, 2006

Legacy, 2005-6. Panel 4 0f 5.

Stephen Shore in conversation with Lynne Tillman:

"Do I want the picture to mean this, or do I want the picture to be this? And I'm dealing with what's there. But if the decisions are that artificial, in a way, then I don't see where it's a big leap to drive my own car into the picture, if I feel that structurally it needs a car in the corner."
Shelf-building, & etc.

I wish I had something more concrete to add, some witty bon mot about my day, which I spent brushing varathane onto fresh pine boards out on Kingsway.

Breath smoking in the cold.

"D'you want my hat, John?"

"Why would I? I've got hair."

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