Friday, September 02, 2005

New Orleans, 2 September 2005.

I spent an hour with the NYT this morning, the photographs like stills from a film co-written by Jack Womack and J.G. Ballard. Two in particular stick with me. A nondescript stretch of outlying highway under grey sky, buses lined up along it, the subdued crowds pressing up to board. A thick residue of debris along the median: broken lawn chairs, shattered styrofoam coolers, cast-off clothing and torn green trash bags. Meanwhile, downtown, a white policeman, flanked by two other white men with semiautomatic rifles, speaks through a megaphone to an obviously furious non-white crowd held back by hastily-deployed riot barricades.

Q: How far in advance was the hurricane known?

A: Five days.

Q: Where was the National Guard?

A: In Iraq.

Q: Where were the funds for levee reinforcement, or for buses to transport those poor residents living directly in the flood's path who didn't own cars, couldn't afford a $50 tank of gas, or couldn't chance leaving all of their possessions behind?

A: Enjoy your tax cut!
Thursday, September 01, 2005
CSA Space

#5 – 2414 Main Street. Open Sat, Sun 12-5 and by appointment; see Pulpfiction Books, 2422 Main Street, for admission

CSA Space is an independent project space owned and operated by Christopher Brayshaw, Adam Harrison, and Steven Tong. CSA exhibits innovative contemporary artworks of all kinds. Submissions are not accepted; exhibitions are by invitation only and solely based on the curators’ own aesthetic judgements. Some exhibitions are developed between an individual curator and an artist or artists; others will involve the whole curatorial team. CSA supports a vital, non-institutionally administered culture and will regularly organize talks, lectures, and other public events. Under the imprint Editions CSA, the space may also issue booklets, exhibition catalogs, monographs and artists’ editions.

CSA's first exhibition, Mike Grill: New Photographs, opens 8 September from 6-9pm at the gallery. Everyone is welcome to attend.
Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Not Everybody Wants a Fancy Salad

Dinner soundtrack (electric guitar and prerecorded backing tracks) at Chilliwack's Vault Pub:

Hotel California
Losing My Religion
Brass in Pocket
Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
Down on The Corner
Last Kiss
Let The Music Play

"We're here until 1:30 tonight, so please...pace yourselves."
Monday, August 29, 2005
The Natural Handyman -- straightforward home repair/troubleshooting advice. No entry for "removing heavy drywall drop ceiling," but Gene and I managed to fumble our way through.

The gallery floor is now completely scraped, and I have the enlarged biceps and attendant aches to prove it.

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