Saturday, April 02, 2005
An exhausting but ultimately worthwhile day. 40 liquor store boxes of B-grade stock cleaned and sorted, a full set of Terry Pratchett pocket books in through the door, and reasonably good sales. Plus a walk to the credit union in the middle of the day. Cold, more like mid-January than early April. Light rain falling, and a chilly wind snapping at the street banners.

Writing a short essay on Adam Harrison's 365 Sketches, so don't expect to see me here for a day or two. I'll post the essay once it's finished.

ACT (Aesthetically Claimed Thing): Mr. Neil Young, musician and role model. Jimmy McDonough's Shakey the best introduction I know to Young's unrivalled independence and freedom of mind. Heal up, Neil! Posted by Hello
Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Waste My Time, Please

Some so-called used book dealer's idea of a condition description, verbatim from the Alibris website:

"Near fine condition. Name sticker on inside cover. Order Now and receive 2 NEW Cell Phone Antenna Boosters (As Seen On TV) a $40.00 Value-Free."
First Anniversary

Anodyne is one year old today. Thanks to everyone who wrote to complain or to offer encouragement. Special thanks to brother dru, Pete Culley, Jamie Tolagson, Sylvia Grace Borda, and the Incredible Talking Cats.

RIP Creeley

Pricing Creeley titles on Addall when my inbox chimed with the news I would rather have not received. For Love open in front of me, so I quote a favorite here:

The Innocence

Looking to the sea, it is a line
of unbroken mountains.

It is the sky.
It is the ground. There
we live, on it.

It is a mist
now tangent to another
quiet. Here the leaves
come, there
is the rock in evidence

or evidence.
What I come to do
is partial, partially kept.
Tuesday, March 29, 2005
Estate Call

Five blocks from my apartment, way up high, English Bay freighter lights visible through the white curtains stirring in the wind and the smell of rain out on the small concrete patio. Books piled everywhere, lamps and furniture moved, indentations in the thick carpet, subtle indications of how things once were.

"My dad showed me your Yellow Pages ad, when he knew what was happening," said the vendor. "He said I should call you, afterwards, that maybe you'd like his taste."

Dad was in San Francisco, circa 1958-60, and seriously plugged into poetry & art thereafter. A core sample:

Collected Books of Jack Spicer, ed. Blaser (not for sale);

Olson x many;

Bunting, Briggflatts, 2nd impression;

D-Day and After, Frank Davey's first book, printed by George Bowering's Rattlesnake Press in Oliver, B.C., introduction by Warren Tallman;

Lisa Robertson x many;

Ginsberg, TV Baby Poems;

Kenneth Patchen x 2 hard-to-find TPB originals, one in an edition of 324 copies;

Barbarian Press x several (fine bindings & typography);

Gary Snyder's High Sierra of California (trail camp & climbing journals, large color woodcuts by Tom Killion, also nfs)

& etc.

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