Saturday, May 29, 2004
Chou & Associates -- value-oriented Ontario mutual fund manager
A Shadbolt driftwood sculpture

and another one
Jack Shadbolt's Urban Dream, unusual in its conjunction of Shadbolt's social realist and mature abstract styles. The menacing dog-thing in the lower right is based on a Shadbolt driftwood sculpture, a sub-genre of the abstract paintings much despised, apparently, by everyone but me.
New October title: Martha Buskirk's The Contingent Object of Contemporary Art. Buskirk's critical analysis is marked by all the flaws one associates with recent art historical writing (the usual obsequiencies to "institutional critique," poststructuralism, decentered subjectivity, zzz...) but the original research beneath the grey tile floor of her prose is worth every cent of the $40USD I spent at City Lights. Highlight: the increasingly acrimonious exchanges between Italian collector Panza and Donald Judd, with Judd originally considering sculptural plans as equivalents of artworks, then later backtracking as Panza ducks shipping charges and Judd's favorite fabricators by "executing" Judds first purchased in plan. The artworld equivalent of the fat CEO options package, which makes Judd properly apopleptic.
ACT #2: Destroyer's Your Blues. Playing in Vancouver June 5th, an early birthday gift!
Friday, May 28, 2004
Scratch mechanics: Peanut Butter Wolf, queued up on the office stereo
Medina Green's MC DCQ in the house, deep Brooklyn bass rattling the walls while I wash the floor
Thursday, May 27, 2004
Surrey Lake

A little surprised to find a large lake in Surrey that I'd never heard of. Artificial, created by diverting Bear Creek into neighboring wetlands. We saw Canada geese, ducks with goslings, herons, salmon fingerlings jumping just offshore. Huge textured clouds, patterns of light and shade. Trees rocking in the warm wind, thunderheads over the Gulf Islands.
The Port Mann Bridge, looking northeast from Surrey, B.C., circa 1960s. Stood in the same spot yesterday, in the course of helping Sylvia document Every Bus Stop In Surrey, B.C.

Courtesy the Surrey Art Gallery:

"Formally, Borda's work is aligned with the practice of documentary photography, concerned with the careful choice and framing of its subject, and the image's composition of form and colour. But it is also conceptual photography, engaged with a critique of its own media and the history of photographic images. She is currently gaining an international profile for her images of the architecture of airports and mass transit facilities. Her recent explorations in digital technology offer her not only its capabilities for capturing and managing data, but also another architectural subject: the architecture of information."

A mixed day of sun and cloud spent with a rented Echo and a transit map. 100+ stops down, hundreds yet to go.

I, along with most other ex- staff, students, and faculty of Hillside Secondary cheer the verdict. So long, killer.

Courtesy the Seattle Times:

"Konat said evidence from the RCMP investigation and Burns' decision to testify in his own defense in the last days of the lengthy trial "played a huge part" in the jury's verdict.

"I don't think Mr. Burns was convicted (simply) because of his testimony ... I think he would have been convicted either way," Konat said, adding Burns' "tale of his false confession" on the witness stand was "almost as sordid" as what he told the undercover Canadian police in describing how he killed the Rafay family."

Monday, May 24, 2004
Top Sample Sources, consulted in vain for that mastermind
Sunday, May 23, 2004
ART #1 (Aesthetically Rejected Thing, after Ian and Ingrid Baxter): neo-conceptualism
ACT #1 (Aesthetically Claimed Thing, after Ian and Ingrid Baxter): Jack Jeffrey sculpture
Aurora Bistro, my next door neighbors and favorite Sunday evening hangout. Apparently your offical Vancouver artworld insider membership card is withheld until you're spotted dining @ Aurora. Props to this week's wild salmon and organic chard!
Funky low-fi digital watch, roughly the size of a boom box, judging by the scans

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