Saturday, May 02, 2020
That the division
may retain a record
of each activity
of the uniformed force,
a “desk blotter”
should be maintained
by the sergeant & head
of the detective bureau.
A large, bound book
recording all movements
of the force chronologically.
The only record
known as a “blotter.”
All others known
as “records.” Ruled
with a marginal column,
left edge of each page,
2 inches wide. 
The book's entries
& method of making them
always in accordance
with specific rules.
Police broke up a fight
in front of Speedway,
East Riverside Drive.
One fighter, trespassed
from Speedway,
told officers he would
come back & shoot them
with a .40-caliber gun.
Vietnam Veterans Park caller:
someone walking their dogs
past a sign that states,
“No dogs allowed.”
Police educated one man.
Second-degree criminal mischief.
Disorderly conduct,
engaging police in pursuit.
Reckless driving. Improper
Illegal operation of motor vehicle
without minimum insurance;
unregistered motor vehicle;
illegal operation
of unregistered motor vehicle.
Grievous bodily harm.
Thursday, April 30, 2020
Huge garage fire!
400 block, Lindbergh
Drive. Arriving
officers found only
one legal size bonfire.
Thieves stole two tires
mounted on a Mazda 3.

The alleged theft
occurred between
April 21 & 22,
from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m.,
in the 39000-block
of Discovery Way.

The tires are
Michelin Premier
All-Season, &
in size.

The tire rims are stock.
"Otherwise, it just made it complicated--"  (Weyes Blood channeling Karen Carpenter)
Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Madly (2.0)

Aja By the Darcys

"You weren't asking for advice, you were telling me it was done."

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