Saturday, January 30, 2016

"'Dear America, here’s a letter I received from Pioneer Collections Agency telling me they want some money because I refused to pay some criminal court fines for smoking marijuana on a river and not wearing a life jacket,' Fry said in a YouTube video, where he shows himself burning the collections letter. 'This is obviously tyranny. This is [expletive].'"

"When Collins accidentally played his reverbed drums through the microphone that producers use to talk back to musicians in a studio, the result was a startling ka-pow, which the producer Hugh Padgham heightened by suddenly 'gating' (cutting off) the sound to achieve a dizzying effect; it’s like being rocked by a jab that flicks out of nowhere and disappears just as quickly. There’s technological invention all over the track: Collins’s voice was run through a gizmo called a limiter, its parameters carefully set so his words seemed to slide in and out of focus. He also used a vocoder, at times, to sound even more like an unearthly soul. . . .Seemingly out of nowhere, the drums hit like a hail of plastic bullets, and the chorus is cut free to ascend to yet another stage of emotionally wrecked spectacle."
Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tuesday, January 26, 2016
An Autobiography of Objects in the Work of Mark Ruwedel

"...[A] reliquary of contrasting aspirations and common failures, reflecting for us in metaphor the folly and limitations of rank individualism or militant separateness..."

Doesn't anybody see how scared you are?



Babbling brook a highlight at new Henderson preserve

"The brook is a natural feature that forms from water runoff from the mesa that combines with an underground stream, which emerges at one corner of the preserve and sprouts a dense thicket of foliage along its way to the other side, where it goes back underground."
Monday, January 25, 2016




Doesn't anybody see how scared you are?
There was a time when I was running you down
But the world kept spinning around
Doesn't anybody see how scared you are?

There was a time when you were running to me
But the lightning spared the tall tree

When your moon lights up the riverside
Slinging mud and bad blood
You can call me anytime
For all it's worth, Louisiana's still not enough

In your restless days
I got lost, I got saved
In your restless nights
I swung blind, somehow falling into the light

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