Thursday, November 05, 2015

Now lacking: any reason to visit the Condescending Prick Regional Art Gallery.  I recall the Chairman of the Board descending from his cloud to address the working masses many years ago, and his theme: business is hard; the Board makes complicated decisions so that you proles laboring down below don't have to.

On my shit list ever since, & not getting off it any time soon.   
Tuesday, November 03, 2015

"What are representations used for? They explain one thing by means of another. The object we want to understand is the 'thing': the thing-in-itself, the source. The object that we know quite a bit about already, to which we compare the source via a representation, we call the standard object.  It is the site of appearance, the target."  (Avner Ash & Robert Gross, Fearless Symmetry: Exposing the Hidden Patterns of Numbers)
Monday, November 02, 2015

"Part of our agenda was to create an atmosphere that dissociates the listener from the original work. Many of the songs begin and end with ambient, instrumental sections that do very little to reflect the Steely Dan originals. We were hoping that when the chord structures and vocal melodies from the original appear in our interpretation they will be considered relative to our noisescapes, not the '77 version."

"I knew when you sent it to me you were letting me know it was finished and you weren't entertaining any changes."  (L. recollected in conversation)


holes which are then patched over
with similar stuff
take from elsewhere (Peter Culley)

Aja by the Darcys

Up on the hill
people never stare.
They just don't care.
Chinese music
under banyen trees,
low thrum, harsh
metal stutter, a
garbage truck
reversing fast
back up the lane,
its warning beep
Josie's first three

"Super awesome go-to misogyny, boys! Good job coming up with another reason why none of us would ever want to actually meet up in person with people that anonymously hang around a Steely Dan message board."

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