Saturday, July 04, 2015
The Man Who Held Up the Art World

"When [Bowsher] would go over to LACMA director Michael Govan’s house for Sunday lunches, he and Govan’s wife, Katherine Ross, would swap cookie recipes.  He collected books extensively, focusing mostly on titles about artists and architects he worked with. Dagny Corcoran, proprietor of the Art Catalogues store at LACMA, remembers him as an obsessive book collector whose expertise rivaled her own. If he started buying books about an artist he hadn’t worked with personally, Corcoran would do some digging and quickly find a connection between that artist and Bowsher’s current projects. They had an arrangement: if Corcoran found a volume she knew he would love on one of her rare book sleuthing missions, she would buy it for him. If he found something he wanted in her store, he had to pay full price. 'He took better care of his books than I do,' says Corcoran, remembering seeing Bowsher’s collection organized in glass cases in his small, tidy apartment."

(via Steven Tong, w/ thanks)

A friend requests  -- actually "requests" isn't the right word, this particular friend doesn't request things so much as she endlessly torrents hopes, dreams, passing fancies & commands at anyone in range -- that I post a portrait of a  "!!!V3Ry BRaV3!!!!" mother and her children.

I concur in her judgment, and that portrait appears here.
Friday, July 03, 2015
"He wanted to find the men and women others would consider unremarkable, as well as the symbols and objects that defined them."
Sunday, June 28, 2015

[SFX]: Woodwards' Dollar-Forty-Nine Day Jingle

CJB:  CJB here.  I don't usually give market tips.  But if you were interested in acquiring some marked-down stock, and have a medium to long term investment horizon & good tolerance for risk, tomorrow, Monday June 29th, 2015, might be a good day to get yourself some.

[SFX]: Dollar-Forty-Nine Day, up and out.

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