Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Reading: Kelly Link, "Two Houses."

"'Two Houses' may be set on an interstellar flight, but it plays with the traditional campfire ghost story. It centres on an ingenious experiment, worthy of MR James or Ramsey Campbell: an avant-garde artist ships an entire cabin from America to England, rebuilds it, then builds an exact copy next to it. There are bloodstains in both cabins. Will the perfect recreation create its own ghost? How this is folded back into the sci-fi setting is both precise and understated."
Monday, February 23, 2015
How your pretentious local record store asshole got that way

"A man buys Yusef Lateef’s Eastern Sounds CD. The next day he brings it back complaining: 'There’s too many eastern sounds on it.'

Customer: 'Do you just buy the vinyl or the music?'

Clerk: 'No I’m sorry I can’t buy any of these (caked in mildew and ratshit) records.'
Customer: 'Well, how about you just give me $20 and throw them all away?'

(phone call)
Customer: 'Are you the manager?'
Clerk: 'Yes.'
Customer: 'OK. There’s a Beatles album… it’s really rare… it’s worth a whole lot of money…Do you know which one it is?'
Clerk: 'No.'
Customer: 'OK. How much would it be worth?'"

( via L., who understands)
Sunday, February 22, 2015

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