Saturday, September 06, 2014

Also: Stray Phrases Play J. Dilla's Donuts, Parts 1-5.  One of my favorite performances of all time.

Relevant to my interests in any number of ways.

Fortified Door (Picture for Dan), 2014.  Detail.
Cheryl Strayed's story about the kittens in the walls.

That feeling, you can only say what it is in French.

(See also: sequence shot)

The centerpiece of the next show, significantly changed from its first incarnation a few weeks ago.  A Los Angeles Street View picture, c. 6" x 4.5'.  Mark Lewis; JW; Stuart Davis; Edward Hopper; DB.

The source -- one artist ventriloquizing another's performance -- feels very close to me.

An abandoned mining camp in the Boundary Ranges, courtesy DruVarley; David T. Alexander.
Monday, September 01, 2014
Our Saratoga Correspondent Writes

"Another fine show. The weather co-operated with no rain during the show, but goodness, rain of biblical proportions before[hand]. It seems that the extreme dampness caused Donald to lose the G key on his Rhodes but [he] said he would 'work around it.' Great work by the band, usual set list. Also during band intros Walt had his best Donald intro, rather than the [usual long-drawn-out] one, he turned to Don and said 'Oh it's you.'"

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