Saturday, January 11, 2014
"[I]t is worth remembering that most of the silent classic comedies were shot on real locations in Hollywood, Silverlake, Culver City, etc., and form an archive of urban scenery around 1914-27 such as no other city in the world possesses." (Reyner Banham, Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies)
Friday, January 10, 2014


"[T]he artist as a tradition-fluent progressive working nonstop at the height of his powers, deftly juggling digital and analog modes of representation and energetically pursuing newness on several fronts."

Flooring guys I've never seen before are spreading mastic over plywood in the apartment lobby.

GUY #1:  Please don't step in the glue.

GUY #2:  Where ya headed?

CJB [arms full of pizza boxes, junk mail & rinsed-out cat food tins]: The recycling.

GUY #1:  Well just inch along the wall there.  Pretend you're clinging to a cliff.

GUY #2 [Watches as CJB sneaky-petes along]: You're kinda good at that.  I mean, with all that crap and all.

CJB:  And my broken foot.

GUY #2:  Jesus dude.

CJB [lost in going-on-for-twenty-year-old memories]: Let's say I've had some practice.
Thursday, January 09, 2014

JIM HENSON: I find that being a parent being close to children has broadened my perspective allowed me to empathize and understand more than I ever did before. I hope that empathy comes through in my senseless entertainment.

(Apocryphal, but, wow)
Wednesday, January 08, 2014
Bad contemporary art: failing to get players laid since forever.
Monday, January 06, 2014

Lions sometimes like to play with discarded Christmas trees.  Who knew?

Relevant to my interests (& tonight's latenight movie @ Anodyne HQ): Charles Burnett, Killer of Sheep, 1979

Scariest movie I've ever seen? Easy.  Courtesy Ms. Joan Lindsay & Mr. Peter Weir.  One day, given time, the international flight, & the right equipment I'd like to make a work after this picture there.
Sunday, January 05, 2014

Precinct Tree, 2014

For Mr. Jamie Tolagson, fellow Carpenterite, my friend: this plain vanilla cone.  The source's blue van parked right next to about a half block south of the little foreground tree, in a location displaced by the freeway that now splits the scene into two different places.  But an image of previously photographed or filmed reality needs to work as a depiction of present reality, too.  So, details: "Arms"; the diagonal spill of sunlight adjacent to the left hand tree; the stairs and protruding balcony; and most of all, the weird collaged slices of space above & around the garage in the middle distance. Those neighbor houses are all from Braqueland!  Also nb. how one digital seam rhymes with the downward plunge of the fence's right-hand post.  Right hand frame edge feels a bit unanchored, save the pavement paint splotch & distant inverted V of the red roof.  But it's what I got.
Heli Flight - Hanes Helipad to Cap Gate

A wintery open-helicopter view of some local scrambling destinations.

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