Saturday, November 23, 2013
Kindred spirit Mr. Hervé Attia, whose motivations and process, at least as described here, share many parallels with mine.

"The exciting part of the ordeal is not only to visit the location, but it’s the communication as well. You meet people."
Friday, November 22, 2013
The past is gone but something might be found to take its place.

"Up for sale is one of the most amazing masks I have ever seen or owned. This is a Nightowl productions Shat mask converted by THE one and only Mike All Hallows Ghost (AHG)!!!! This was bought as a blank from Justin Mabry and shipped to Mike AHG. This is THE #1 Nightowl/AHG Shat myers mask copy!!!!!!! Considered by many to be the best copy of the Nightowl converted Shat. AHG personally felt this was one of his best and all time favorite conversions. I am ONLY selling this mask and a few other of my high end ticketed myers mask [sic] to fund other important projects and picked a few that would move faster. I DO NOT HAVE TO SELL THIS so it will not sell cheap. First few pics courtesy of AHG and the rest were mine. Paypal only and will only ship to the 48 continental states in the USA. Will ship usps priority with signature confirmation and fully insured. All sales final. You do not want miss buying this Nightowl/AHG Shat #1!!!!!! 9/7/13 BIG PRICE DROP!!!! GET IT FAST!!!!"


Rodney Graham, various stills from Aberdeen, 2000

Thursday, November 21, 2013
Someone writes from overseas to ask, in lightly broken English, if my practice is modelled on Rodney Graham's, or Tim Lee's.

I like most of Rodney's work, but wouldn't know how to begin modelling it.  His early textual extensions and low-tech slide dissolve, Aberdeen, were & remain important to me.

Tim Lee?  Jiminy Cricket's advice, as always, pertains.
"I’m a 42-year-old man, but if I see a stuffed animal lying on its face, I will still move it into a seated position so it can see."  (@sween)
Monday, November 18, 2013
Lynda strolls up to her house. Annie and Laurie start down the street.
CAMERA MOVES IN to a CLOSE SHOT of Laurie's face. She stares ahead
along the sidewalk.


Up the sidewalk is a series of bushes lining the street. There,
partially hidden in the shadows of a bush, IS THE SHAPE OF A MAN,
watching them. He is barely visible, almost blending in with the dark



 Look where?

 Behind that bush there.

Annie looks


The shape is gone. Just bushes.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Work Wear Corporation Blue HBT Coveralls, c. 1978

Study for Haddonfield, 2012-4

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