Saturday, August 11, 2012

Once again, Mr. Gold susses out a tasty dining experience in an improbable location:

"From the outside, the former home of Mr. Cecil's California Ribs looks like a giant chili bowl in the shadow of the 10 Freeway. The bathrooms are outside. To exit the parking lot, you drive through a working welding yard. And, in fact, Chili Bowl was once the name of the place, built at the height of the Great Depression."

Depicted: Purple potato and blue cheese, ankimo (monkfish liver) with caviar and dried persimmon on top.
Friday, August 10, 2012

ACT (Aesthetically Claimed Thing):Necessity, the mother of invention

"So what we have here is that downward pull anchor shown above, which I'm anchored into while building an upward facing anchor out of the Red Metolius cam in the lower left and a Gold Camalot and Green Camalot over on the right. Buried behind the power point of my upward facing anchor is a Black Metolius cam holding the power point up, keeping it from disengaging itself. Above the power point is my first piece of pro, allowing me to rest on my lead anchor to disassemble to top rope anchor used to clean the last pitch."
Still extant: my Canada.

Today's contribution of deep humanity and good judgment via Madam Justice Prowse, BCCA (my italics):

"I conclude that the balance of convenience favours refusing a stay.  I am not persuaded that the harm to the public contended for by counsel for AG Canada outweighs the harm to Ms. Taylor if she is left without a remedy pending the resolution of this appeal, and possibly at all.  She may be a symbol, but she is also a person, and I do not find that it is necessary for the individual to be sacrificed to a concept of the 'greater good' which may, or may not, be fully informed.  The reasons for judgment in this case put squarely at issue the important public values with which this Court (and, likely, the Supreme Court of Canada) will ultimately have to grapple in determining whether, and in what circumstances, assisted suicide may, or may not, be in accord with the public interest, including the interest of that minority of the public in circumstances similar to those of Ms. Taylor.  It is apparent there are competing arguments and interests on both sides of the issue which will be elaborated upon as the appeal progresses.  The public as a whole will benefit from this process. In the meantime, if it should happen that Ms. Taylor is not present for the end of the story because she exercised her right to end her life in accordance with the exemption, I am not persuaded that the nature of any harm suffered by the public as a result offsets the likely final and irrevocable nature of the harm to Ms. Taylor if a stay is granted."
"A week later he was somewhere in central Arizona. A rain had come down from the north and the weather turned cool.  He sat beneath a concrete overpass and watched the gusts of rain blowing across the fields.  The overland trucks passed shrouded in rain with the clearance lights burning and the big wheels spinning like turbines."
A composite photograph I really wish I'd made

Thursday, August 09, 2012
TO: dAd



GraVIty. We HaZ It. I fIEld tESt A lOT In DarK.

KitTeh RePorT OVEr.
Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Did you really think
you could destroy this ship?

She's defied space and time.

She's been to a place
you couldn't possibly imagine.

Lightning Storm Rips Across Metro Vancouver

"Grouse Mountain, on Vancouver's North Shore, was forced to suspend its gondola for about three hours, stranding several hundred people on the mountain top."

Including our man, who made it out of the trees and into the lodge approximately 5 minutes before the second most spectacular display of lightning I have ever seen.  Torrential rain; wind; gigantic horizontal lightning bolts.  Lights flickering constantly, huge clouds of mist boiling up from Cap Lake.  It got dark fast.  Thunder directly overhead. Conversation dying down.  Silence, broken by the drumming of rain on the chalet roof.  Then voices, picking up again.

Little Japanese girl with thick black glasses and a terrible bowl cut, maybe six or seven years old, sat opposite me for a while, holding a very realistic-looking kitten doll dressed in an ersatz Little House on the Prairie gingham dress and bonnet.  Huge flares of lightning turning the sky white, thunder breaking all around, and she sat speaking very slowly and firmly and low to what was obviously a loved friend in a language I don't have half a dozen words in, but whose gist I caught immediately: I love you.  You'll be fine.

High-speed download @ 10pm.  Then a long walk back through the pouring rain, thunder further off now, to the lonely red Subaru at the far end of the lot.
Tuesday, August 07, 2012

A recipe of my own, spurred by the 6-for-$3 corn at the grocery store and a $2.20 box of salmon belly trim. 

Olive oil, big pot.  Onion, roughly chopped.  Medium heat. 7-10 minutes 'til onion browns.  Small 100km potatoes, cubed, skin on.  Heat slightly up, stirring frequently, until the potato edges turn clear.  Chicken stock.  (In my case, a frozen block of homemade chicken stock from the freezer, because I am one of those freaks who thinks that making stock c. 2-4am is a perfect cure for bookstore/photography-related insomnia).  Scrape like crazy to get the browned bits off the bottom of the pot.  Maybe a little water.  Salt, pepper.  Simmer 15 minutes.  Add kernels from 3 ears of corn, salmon.  Simmer 10 minutes, until the fish cooks through.  Half a cup of milk at the end.  Bowl;  spoon;  toast on the side. Garnish; I used celery leaves, but parsley or chives would work just as well.  There are still 6 1/2 cups in the fridge if anyone in YVR wants takeout.
Monday, August 06, 2012

Nurse, 2012
"Now he makes his art in private, obsessively documenting the work but never testing it in the world."

Unrecommended approach, Mt. Slesse, North Cascades

"I have seen some / Unbeliveable things..." (Cat Power)
Sunday, August 05, 2012

Dinner last night, via Herbie (scroll) and Mr. Batali.  Delicious; made enough for six, maybe eight people, and one ravenous 24-pound grey cat.  I altered the wine and milk quantities to a half-cup of each (eyeballed) to good effect.  Pork sausage takes a long time to brown; Mr. B. says 10 minutes, but mine took more like thirty.  Nothing says "done" like the smell of the Maillard reaction kicking into high gear.

Generally, spamming me with anything Kickstarter-related is a pretty reliable way to get defriended or blocked.  This project, however...

"The construction and control techniques we're using will drop the cost of controlled hydraulics by an order of magnitude or two from where they are now, and will make giant robots affordable to small groups of enthusiasts everywhere."

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