Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hard-Boiled Mystery Series Character Name FAIL

(via PFB's front desk)
Monday, December 14, 2009
Brian Eno: "When drama is at a premium, reticence and delicacy communicate best."

PHONE: Ring!

CJB: Good morning, Pulpfiction Books.

SAD DAD: I'm looking for this book. Sorry.

CJB: No need to be sorry, what's the title?

SD: Magic Kitten: Seaside Mystery

CJB: I'm sorry. Seriously, though, we don't carry any magic animal books here.

SD: I don't blame you.

If this isn't on Bruce Sterling's blog yet it should be.

"Astroturfing, which involves real money, is not illegal. We can't imagine virtual currency astroturfing would be illegal either. Whether or not it's ethical is a different question."

Brad Moore, Lakeview Paine, Big Bear, California, 2009

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