Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy 61st birthday, Donald Fagen!
Friday, January 09, 2009

Grey January rain. Tank-traps of dirty snow at the curb, studded with gravel, cigarette butts, aluminum pull-tabs. A skirt of bright green grass at the foot of the little tree outside the door. Rain beads on the little tree's branches, on the edge of the shop's awning, on the steel-blue roof of the Honda cozied right into a curbside drift. The woman in the passenger seat briefly contemplates getting out, thinks better of it, scrambles out the driver's door into traffic. Honk of a startled bus.

I'm describing these things because I want to record them. Here in Vancouver, where forgetting is the order of the day.

Water erasing the alluvial fans in the gutter.

Timber erased by glass.

Individuality erased by the consensual hallucination of Lotusland.


Douglas Coupland; Ikea; Eckhart Tolle.

New Broadway condos.

Cooling hollandaise on your Sunday brunch eggs.
Thursday, January 08, 2009

Adam Harrison, Palette, 2009, unique pigment jet print

"Monte Clark Gallery announces 52 Studies, a new web-based project by artist Adam Harrison. Every week during the course of 2009, Harrison will produce and present a new photograph that deals with or introduces new aspects of his practice.

52 Studies continues a strain in Harrison's work that explores temporally based image production and the web-based distribution of photographs. This began with his daily online project 356 Sketches in 2005, and continued with the 2007 project Four, a collaborative website with Evan Lee, Christopher Brayshaw and Jamie Tolagson. Since Harrison's pictures are often planned and conceived beforehand, he has utilized this practice similarly to the painter's use of sketching or studies to create a space for experimenting with new subject matter and pictorial strategies.

The ideas around the structures of production that such projects intrinsically evoke are central to Harrison's practice, which is generally concerned with depicting situations that relate directly to the creation and reception of art itself. Where he often photographs artists and artisans in the process of making their work, these studies themselves can be simultaneously viewed as in-progress, cursory traces of art production, as well as resolved and autonomous artworks that reflexively deal with their own independent concerns.

The photographs will be posted each Thursday by 11:00 a.m. PST to

They will also exist as unique prints in an edition of 1, available through Monte Clark Gallery in Vancouver and Toronto."

"Hey CJB, it's JT. Just thought I should let you know that I ran into one of your little friends today. I was snorkeling about 20 meters off shore and ran straight into one of these guys, a Hawaiian Day Octopus. He was moving pretty fast, about 12 feet off the bottom, with one or two fish pestering him. He dropped onto a rock right below me and just sat there, about 4 feet away. When I lifted my head out of the water to clear my mask, he disappeared. He was deep burgundy red, and absolutely beautiful.

Life's rough out here. How's BC? [chuckle, snort]"
Tuesday, January 06, 2009
Torrential rain, sluicing the record-breaking snowpack into massive grey glacial lakes along the curb. Loose sidewalk awning by the bingo hall with Niagara Falls' slightly smaller cousin pouring off it, right through the loose, live wires that hold a fluorescent fixture in place. Aggrieved hum of the fixture's ballast. The lights blink on, off, on again. The shorting fixture blinks in perfect unconscious union with a small string of Christmas lights in the window of the convenience store, twined around the display boxes of Cadbury bars and the rubber plant behind the till.

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