Saturday, December 06, 2008

"Free Ikea INREADA bookends x 6 (Main and Broadway)

Free grey metal bookends, designed to fit standard Ikea shelves. Three sets of two, two sets still in shrinkwrap.

Dropped off by a customer and useless to us, so free to a good home. First come, first served. In person pick-up only. No dumb-ass holds, 'reserves,' requests for further clarification, JPEGs, or phone calls.

Pick up from Pulpfiction Books, 2422 Main Street at Broadway. Post will be removed once bookends are gone. "

(Promptly collected within a half hour of posting)
Friday, December 05, 2008

Jellyfish Controlled By Robot Sound

The highlight of Indie Pop Night at the Bunker. Weird wheezy keyboards; Cate Le Bon's dark eyes; tumbling 80s synth drums; bells.

L.'s Malibu-'n-Coke sweating on the table beside me, crowned by a lemon slice as big as a hardboiled egg.
Flat grey overcast. Too warm for snow. Gaye's I Want You on the deck. String of fat red and blue Christmas lights -- old-school ones, paint over clear glass -- blinking in the window of the skate shop across Main Street. Cement truck rumbling at the light. Bare trees.

Empty storefronts along Broadway, some with butcher's paper hastily tacked up over the windows, like budget curtains. The upscale bistro next to me also closed. Shadows there of chairs upturned on tables, waiting, like patient companion animals, for the new owners.

Sidewalks deserted. The whole city strangely empty.

Lots of owner-operators sitting nervously in well-appointed 500 square foot spaces full of designer dresses and $9.00 handmade cards wondering, What the fuck just happened?
Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Harper government's rapidly eroding credibility rests in Joe Clark's hands:

"[I]f Clark says any of the current or former members of either the PC Party or the Alliance knew about this deal, it demolishes the credibility of the Harper regime on this issue.

Either Clark could confirm former PCs like Peter McKay knew about the deal, or he could blow the whistle on Day directly.

Amazingly, the survival of the Harper regime rests on a former Conservative Prime Minister for whom he has never shown an ounce of respect."

Online Order for Pulpfiction Books

"Dear Sir:

I would like to order some expensive books from your store. The most expensive ones you have.

My name is HOWARD SCHULTZ and my Starbucks Duetto Visa Card number is 4000 1234 5678 9101, exp. date 00/00.

Thank you for your consideration of my negritude!

Yours truly,

Howie Schultz"

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