Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Off-line; in Seattle 'til Saturday at...


Boys and girls
They come from all around
From dear old Stockholm
To Copenhagen town
Forget their troubles
In tasty riddum n' rime
So here you are
And now it's party time
Wrap your mind
Around this sound
And let the goodness ripple down
Goodbye to Lonely Street
You're in the Catbird Seat

If you got backpacks
And pointy little shoes
Late-model roadsters
Or just those walkin' blues
A case of heartache
That you're too numb to fight
A secret sorrow
That keeps you up all night
Well don't you fret
It's not your fault
Just lay it all on Don and Walt
Just trip out on these hits
The groove that never quits

[Sax Solo]

So buy a program
And/or a hat
You don't pass up a deal like that
It's only promo stuff
But hey it's good enough
Monday, July 28, 2008
Never Coming Near What He Wanted to Say

Combing aphids out of the runner beans at 5:45am, sun slowly leaking up into the sky. Cool wind, that peculiar dusty light that says, "Fall." Green tomatoes on massive vines, a few beans setting here and there. Cats distributed throughout the jungle, just waiting for the first pigeon or crow desperate or dumb enough to come after the sunflowers. The whole overgrown balcony totally visible from the street, green and tangled in contrast to the rest of the building's flawless white facade. Complaining strata council members and downstairs neighbors bought off with promises of fresh squash and heirloom tomatoes. The sneaking suspicion that the garden symbolizes many other CJB-initiated projects, which rapidly overstep "boundaries," much as glacial rivulets overrun their banks. My complete lack of social aplomb, viz. yesterday's discussion of the working classes' infiltration of what, at least in Vancouver, remains an upper-middle-class playground. The possibility of creating a parallel structure that reproduces only the best features of the social system it mirrors. The refusal to continually facilitate others' creativity for free. The critique of others' productivity only as an aspect of one's own practice, which is what I suppose my friend R. means by "writing as an artist."
Anodyne Inc.

Previously unaccounted-for distributions:

TerraVest Income Fund (TI.UN): 1109 units x .04167/unit = $46.21 (15 July)

Parkland Income Fund (PKI.UN): 3601 units x .105/unit = $378.11 (15 July)

Cash balance, $3087.70

Purchase: Parkland Income Fund (PKI.UN): 300 units x $9.92/unit = $2976.00 + $25 transaction charge

Current portfolio:

Dominion Citrus Income Fund (DOM.UN): 12,346 units
E-L Financial Corporation (ELF): 7 shares
Hart Stores (HIS): 1769 shares
Loblaw Companies (L): 217 shares
Norbord, Inc. (NBD): 1820 shares
North West Company Fund (NWF.UN): 600 units
Parkland Income Fund (PKI.UN): 3901 units
TerraVest Income Fund (TI.UN): 1109 units
Amerigo Resources, Inc. (ARG): 1895 shares

Cash balance, $86.70

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