Saturday, May 27, 2006
"My American Express."

For the record, Pulpfiction does not and will not accept AmEx. But Wes Anderson has always been a favorite.
Friday, May 26, 2006

Charles T. ("Charlie") Munger, Warren Buffett's "alter ego" and sounding board, in rare form at the 2006 Wesco Financial Annual General Meeting. Some uncommonly good advice dispensed, though I do not agree with every one of his positions (nb., his equivocating non-response to a student viz. Berkshire's investment in Petrochina, a position my ethics would not permit me to ever contemplate holding). Still, much wisdom here, including his description of Berkshire as "the ultimate didactic enterprise." I like that phrase a lot; I hope that, in their own small way, Pulpfiction and CSA are didactic enterprises, too. (Note that these questions and answers are shorthand transcripts, and not word-for-word accounts of who said what).

"Q: Do you consider buying and managing a set of businesses a more noble pursuit than portfolio investment?

CHARLES MUNGER: Hell yes. Passive investing is too unengaged a life. Like poker players -- it pays bill but not a responsible life.

Q: Does it matter if you hold and resell?

CM: Colleagues and businesses keep changing? No one admires that with wives. Why must you constantly flip the relationships of your life? I don't consider flipping a good life. [Then, responding to a previous question regarding Berkshire's tendency to buy businesses for keeps] We may be serving our personal idiosyncrasies, but we are entitled."

One Hundred Famous Ghosts (14, 15), 2006

Adam Harrison, Scared Tree

"Perhaps he saw a ghost!"
ACT (Aesthetically Claimed Thing): my new Koolah canvas coat. Australian designed, BC made, a chocolate-brown "duster" with brass snaps, indestructable zipper, huge deep pockets & etc. Almost enough consolation to make up for the right rear wheel falling off the Legacy yesterday on the Alex Fraser Bridge in rush hour traffic.
Thursday, May 25, 2006

My day? Jiminy Cricket's advice, as always, pertains: "If you can't say something nice..."

Needless to say, no good art was ever made out of happiness and self-adjustment.

Strapped Glass, 2006

Composition for Etienne, 2006

Scarred Tree, 2006

One Hundred Famous Ghosts (13), 2006
Monday, May 22, 2006
What Do All These Buttons on Your Chest Do, Call Your Mother?

"Q: Why Aquaman?

A: He’s the underdog. He doesn’t have a lot of stuff, so it’s like a challenge being a fan of his. That’s the appeal for me. It’s not readily available but when you win, you win big."


One Hundred Famous Ghosts (12), 2006
Sunday, May 21, 2006

Today's soundtrack: Ann Peebles, The Hi Records Singles, As and Bs, courtesy Mr. Michael Young. Door wide, Art Deco fan turning, cool grey wind, rain-smell, coppery, in off the street.

Someone with way too much time on their hands writes to inform me (viz. one of yesterday's entries) that "vampires are always erotic."

Danger Mouse + Cee-Lo = Gnarls Barkley

Stax vibe + string section + male falsetto + chunky beats = Top Ten summer playlist at Main and Broadway!

Nitsuh Abebe @ Pitchfork:

"After the sound of a film projector whirring to life and a little hip-hop fanfare, this album starts with 'Go Go Gadget Gospel' glee: soul horns kicking, hand-clapping breakbeats with the speed and stutter of jungle, and Cee-Lo Green shouting, 'I'm free' like he's up in church. It's the most exciting thing I've heard this year. At the tail end of the disc, there's 'The Last Time,' where the beat splits the difference between disco-era funk and roller-skating jam, and Cee-Lo sings like he borrowed some time-traveling platform shoes from the Delfonics' closet and wound up on mid-1970s Soul Train. You shouldn't fixate on those details-- I may be exaggerating-- but the main thing about those two tracks are [sic] that they sound awfully fresh. Play this when people are over and they'll almost certainly ask the question: 'So who is this, anyway?'"

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