Saturday, October 01, 2005

Off momentarily to "space western" Serenity, which looks like it will make my inner 14 year-old child very happy. The trailer was way better than any of the action-adventure films I saw this summer as part of my annual fireworks avoidance; here's hoping it simply didn't distill the best 120 seconds of the movie.
Doppelganger Magazine -- edited by my friends Aaron Peck and Adam Harrison. Basically a continuation of Terminal City's great arts coverage -- great, that is, up until the point that inept novice publisher John Kay pulled the plug.

I'll be writing weekly reviews for Doppelganger; my first, on Kevin Schmidt's projection Burning Bush, at Artspeak, is up right now, and looking a lot better than it was yesterday.
Friday, September 30, 2005

Companions for the evening.
One disadvantage of working at a retail job is that everyone wants to talk to you.

Aspiring Screenwriter A finds it inconceivable that I'm not going to Neil Gaiman's public reading, the one with the $10 tickets, attending which would mean closing the store an hour and a half early. Curator B wants to tell me all about his summer trip to Europe. Didn't I go? No, I was working at the store. Artists D, E and F would like studio visits. How's this afternoon? No? Maybe tomorrow? Customer G wonders why I don't have a used copy of Kurt Vonnegut's new book, which was just released last Friday. Saleswoman H wants to sell me display advertising in a local newspaper. Angry crank I volunteers to report me to the Better Business Bureau when I decline to buy her collection of "valuable LP records...Boston...Arthur Murray...Fleetwood Mac." Book scout J arrives on rent day with a bulging backpack, two suitcases, and a pressing need for cash. Hagglers K, L, M & N want to argue about the price of the twenty-five cent books on the bargain table. Staff member O has another job, family pressures, and professional sports tickets. Traffic Manager P wants to disrupt the flow of traffic around the block. Retailers Q and R want me to listen as they describe their business' slow decline. Thief S tries to boost some new books. Browser T brings her little Paris Hilton "accessory dog" shopping with her.

& etc.

To paraphrase a favorite poet, I love my life, but I don't love you guys, and today I would rather nail both hands to the floor than ever argue over a discount on a table book with anyone ever again.
And for the record, one old completely unrequited flame's assessment of my emotional stability, or more accurately lack thereof: "You're like a screen door."
Change of the light, and a corresponding slump in my mood. A review for Doppelganger magazine composed overnight. Everything good about the Evan Lee text completely absent, every cliche of bad, unimaginative, diagrammatic art criticism imaginable right back up on the surface of the text where it sits, grinning at me like the wind-up monkey in that Stephen King story.

I find myself thinking, you looked at the work yesterday, looked carefully, in fact; sat in darkness for fifteen or twenty minutes and focused, really focused, in order to see what was actually there and not just what you thought was there, or what you hoped would be there. Yet the criticism you created from this experience is flat, overwritten, a collection of loose ideas largely borrowed, quoted or otherwise derived from other people's (better) writing.

I find myself thinking, what the fuck happened?
Thursday, September 29, 2005

Maneki Neko, x a whole bunch. A perfectly competent Steven Shearer knockoff could undoubtedly be built by plagarising -- sorry, appropriating -- this site's fractally dense content.

(Lil' blue porcelain maneki neko courtesy flickr community member Rakka, site link courtesy dru)
More on Mr./Ms. Squid

Larrabee State Park, Bellingham, WA (also see 11/1/4)
Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Corrections Dept.

dru writes, "That giant squid is not the first time a live one has been 'captured on film.' It's the first time a movie has been taken of one, but a live (but dying) one was shot with still photos on the surface near Japan 4 years ago."

Pretty amazing, regardless!

Day off. Location scouting for 100 Views of Mount Baker with a new 1GB flash card and the Subaru.
Zev Love X

"What's most appealing than this release, though, is that it provides the opportunity to hear a more helium-voiced Doom as a young and hungry MC, less deluded by death and drugs and more driven by racism and poverty. His evolution into a gruff rapper's rapper would have been hard to envision given some of his goofier appearances here."

A giant (26 foot long) squid, captured live on film for the first time in history by a team of Japanese researchers 3000 feet down. Biology's equivalent of Neil Armstrong slowly descending the lander's ladder.
Tuesday, September 27, 2005
#8 Fraser through Chinatown. Rush hour.

A native woman boards, slinging her bags and boxes onto the courtesy seat in front of me. A Braun electric shaver, a Barbie Think Pink Learning Notebook ($99.95, the price tag still prominently displayed on the side of the open cardboard box cradling the toy).

The strong smell of beer.

She hitches up her blue track pants, slowly knots her t-shirt just above her navel. Rough hands, nails chipped and broken. The residue of old red polish.

She flips the laptop open.

"Hi, I'm Barbie! Are you ready for some learning fun? First choose your language."

Her fingers tripping carefully across the bright pink keys.

Electrical hazard, Chesterfield Avenue, North Vancouver
Monday, September 26, 2005

Abandoned chew toy, East 8th Avenue, Vancouver

Wedge, 2005

Sidewalk, East 8th Avenue, Vancouver
Competition for Mr. Mike Kelley

"Gelatin members say the bunny is not just for walking around - they are expecting hikers to climb its 20 foot sides and relax on its belly."

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