Saturday, May 15, 2004
The website looks like kitsch, as does the highway advertising -- Good Old Fashioned Family Food? -- c'mon -- but the meals and service at the Black Bear Diner, a small chain of short order restaurants scattered all over eastern Oregon, California, and Nevada, are outstanding. I've eaten at the Bear at last once per scouting or climbing trip for the last five years, and have never ever been disappointed, which must be a first for me, so far as any chain-style thing goes. Thumbs up from a happy and very full repeat customer!
Cape Blanco, Oregon. Got into the campground right at dusk, fog moving through the dark trees. Down to the cliff edge with my headlamp, the beam disappearing into several hundred feet of air and the sound of surf crashing far below.

In the morning the fog was gone. I walked the cliffs at 6am, sunrise, pinkish-red heather, wild purple orchids everywhere. Constant wind. Down to the beach on the cape's west side, where I scrambled boulders, dodged waves, checked out thousands of beached blue jellyfish, and found a small dead baby seal, with one very large bite missing from its back, courtesy, judging by the tooth-marks, what novelist Kem Nunn calls a Silent Grey Fellow. Brrr.
Ripley the Sphynx (almost completely hairless) cat, mascot of Borderlands Books, coolest find in the Bay Area this time through.
Just back -- literally, just stepped through the front door -- from a marathon 19 hour drive from Reno to Vancouver with 15+ boxes of books crammed into every available empty space in my rented Echo.

Details (& maybe a few photographs) to come.

Sunday, May 09, 2004
On the road for a week or so, Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco to collect Abe, and then to a certain Unnamed Western City, home of the 55,000+ item Anonymous Book Sale. Details revealed once Abe and I are back with the loot.

Camping as usual, Monday night at Devil's Lake State Recreation Area, Oregon.

Updates from the road given time and internet cafes.

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